End Uncertainty and Move Past Difficult Times.

Ending a marriage is one of the most personal and painful life events, especially when infidelity is suspected. The uncertainty of suspicion can be the worst part.

If you’re experiencing questions about your marriage we can help uncover evidence to clarify your next steps. With countless family law cases in our portfolio, we bring an effective and compassionate approach to infidelity investigations that considers your feelings and your future.

Don’t let the anxiety of suspected infidelity take over your life. Make the first step toward learning the truth.

Affair Investigations

Investigative Strategies

Physical Surveillance

The gold-standard of investigations. We offer cost-effective alternatives including GPS location tracking.

Device Forensics

We use state-of-the-art methods for recovering photos, text messages and other information from mobile phones, tablets and computers, even if deleted.

Background Investigations

Proven valuable to establish patterns of illicit behavior in a spouse’s past.

Better decisions based on solid information and available evidence are possible.

Contact us to discuss and find out how to close your case.