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Do you suspect a cheating spouse, child neglect or abuse, or possible illicit activity on the part of acquaintances or neighbors? We understand. Trust our seasoned team to handle your case in complete confidence and with respect for your feelings and your future. Case-Closed Investigations is an authority in domestic investigations – and we’re committed to helping you find resolution by providing available evidence. Find out the truth!



  • Are you paying large sums of alimony and support to your ex-spouse and seeing their new lover reap the benefits of your generosity? Case-Closed offers knowledge of the high court rulings on co-habitation and our expertise on obtaining evidence to your attorney – strengthening your case and substantially reducing or totally eliminating alimony or support payments.
  • Child neglect, endangerment or even abuse is sometimes hard to uncover. The methods used to substantiate or deny claims of neglect, endangerment or abuse are as unique as the cases themselves. Our team works closely with other professionals to determine the truth and help you get the evidence you need.

  Our services include (but are not limited to):


  • Covert physical surveillance and investigations of suspected cheating spouses; mistreated children; or acquaintances or neighbors you do not trust
  • Covert and hidden portable video systems in residential areas of concern
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Decoy services, when you suspect that a spouse may stray when the opportunity presents itself
  • Investigations into possible illegal activity involving alcohol abuse; drugs; sexual activity; racing; or acts of intimidation conducted by family members or other loved ones.


Better decisions based on solid information and available evidence are possible.

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