How much do you charge for your services?

Case-Closed Investigations’ services are retainer-based and determined after a thorough discussion to understand your specific needs. A consultation is free

How long will it take to solve my case?

Each case is different. After the initial interview and case work, we’ll give you an idea of the time your case may take.

I have a problem that I believe you can help me with – but I’m afraid that someone will find out I hired a private investigator.

At Case-Closed, confidentiality is paramount. We keep our clients’ best interests in mind at all times.

I work for a financial institution and I cannot find a debtor who has stopped paying. Can you find this person for me?

We have vast sources to tap into to find people. The earlier you contact Case-Closed for assistance, the better the chances will be of finding someone who is avoiding you.

How do you conduct investigations?

Our techniques are tailored to each individual case we handle – and based on extensive training and experience. No one case is the same.

Do you repossess vehicles?

No, Case-Closed does not repossess vehicles. However, you may employ Case-Closed to locate your vehicle and have it repossessed with your permission. Or, contact your own repossession agent to coordinate the repossession upon location by Case-Closed.

How will you investigate my case?

We’ll start with a comprehensive interview to understand your unique case and objectives, then work together on how to best reach those objectives.

I sometimes need to get letters or other documents signed. Can you assist me with this?

Yes. Keep in mind that getting letters signed on a pre-arranged basis is less costly to you than those that will require some investigation.

What information do you need to start my investigation?

Depending upon the type of investigation, we may need a photo and description of the subject. Rest assured that during your initial interview, our experts will ask the right questions to get the information we need. Our goal is to find the truth for you, meeting your objectives and hopefully, saving you money.

I contacted a customer who has a car loan with my company, but is not paying. He claims not to have a loan with my company. I called the dealership and it has closed. Can you help me with this?

Yes, Case-Closed will be happy to investigate this for you. Please be aware that within the space of six months, many things can happen to a car – including dissemination or being sold for parts. Always remember to employ Case-Closed as early for the best results and most cost-effective investigation.