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Dave Critchley, NC

I would recommend Case-Closed. They conducted a professional, diligent thorough investigation whilst being timely and discreet. They provided a detailed report, with supporting evidence. This all helped me to get the results I was looking for in my marital dispute. They worked closely with my attorney to make sure all necessary information and evidence was secured.

I paid a fee for Case-Closed to provide eye witness account at legal hearing. Ultimately the case did not go to court, but Case Closed refunded this fee, along with other money I had paid, despite it being several months before we had final conclusion of the case.

I was very satisfied with the services Case-Closed provided.

Nikki Smith, NC

I can not thank Craig, Leroy, and Travis enough at Case Closed. They helped me to get the evidence I needed in my case against my ex-husband. I highly, highly recommend them. Craig was always quick to respond to my questions. The reports they produce on the surveillance they do are very thorough. Craig and Leroy testified in court on my behalf and were very professional. I hope I never need another P. I. but if I do, I will call on them again.

Margaret McKay and Family Winston-Salem, NC

The last time anyone in our family had contact with our Baby Brother was 1994. God provided direction to finding our Baby Brother when he sent me to Case-Closed Investigations in 2008. Learning that Baby Brother had passed away in Florida was not the answer we wanted but it gave us the closure we needed in our lives. My entire family is thankful that God guided us to Case-Closed and as equally grateful of the talents and abilities he gave Case-Closed to provide the answers we needed.

T.S. Mocksville, NC

A note of thanks to you and Craig for the work you did that allowed me and my wife to save our marriage. If you had not of provided the evidence you did I would have never been able to get her to admit to the affair and get us on the path of repairing our relationship.

John and Shae Lewis Morehead City, NC

After thirty years of wondering where our son was and paying several detective agencies over the years for no results in our search, we finally made the right call to Leroy Everhart of Case-Closed Investigations. Leroy and his staff delivered the results in less that two weeks that made it possible for the reunion we had desired for so many years. We highly recommend the compassionate and prompt service of Case-Closed Investigations to anyone that is looking for lost loved ones.

Jim Deluca, Medical Claims Manager North Carolina Baptist Hospital

I have used Case-Closed Investigations for the past several years. They do an excellent job meeting their customer?s needs, as well as, locating, identifying and obtaining usable information on the person they are investigating. I highly recommend both their staff and the tremendous services they offer.

Chris Couch Allegacy Federal Credit Union

My company has used several skip agents, including other professional investigative agencies. However, Case-Closed Investigations has earned my respect by providing my company with confidential, professional services and timely results. We are extremely pleased with the turnaround time in delivering requested information and the folks at Case-Closed always act in a professional manner.
In this day and age, companies tend to treat clients as if they were running on an assembly line. There is no personal touch, giving the impression that your accounts are not a priority. Case-Closed acts on assignments as soon as they are given. They follow up in a timely manner and, most importantly, they bring results. Let?s face it. When choosing a Private Investigator, results are what counts. Case-Closed provides them.

Clayton M. Custer, Esquire Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

I was personally introduced to Leroy Everhart and his staff at Case-Closed several years ago through longstanding client who had used their services and been extremely pleased with their results. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to interact with the Case-Closed staff and evaluate their work on a number of occasions. I have also occasionally found it necessary to use their investigators as witnesses in cases.
I have always found them to be prompt, courteous, and professional and a pleasure to work with.


Case-Closed Investigations has always given our company outstanding service in the area of workers compensation and undercover operations. The services provided by Case-Closed have been done so with careful consideration of our budget and schedule with the results of their investigations actually saving our company money. In our highly mobile business, the staff and investigators of Case-Closed have met our needs with a can-do attitude in every case. Neither distance nor hour of the day has ever been a problem. If you have concerns in your business, I recommend that you discuss those concerns with the professionals at Case-Closed Investigations.

James Kelly Newport, NC

Thanks for all your help. That was indeed the information I was looking for. That concludes our business. I am very impressed by all you accomplished and I will recommend your service to anyone I know who is looking for the type of service you offer.