Monitor Your Employees’ Integrity

When you suspect fraud, misappropriation, or other illegal activities, call the Case-Closed team. We offer services to help you understand what’s going on in your business.

Our professional relationships with law enforcement agencies around the Carolinas have proven beneficial to our clients who want to prosecute employee theft and pilferage; illegal drug use and sales; vandalism and injury to company property; or assaults. Law enforcement agencies are often overburdened. Case-Closed Investigations can conduct the undercover operation, obtain the critical evidence and prepare the case for presentation quickly and effectively – dramatically increasing the likelihood of conviction.


Our Tools Include:

Experienced, Undercover Operatives

Trained to determine your employees’ integrity. The right undercover operation can provide intelligence and gather evidence that a camera along cannot.

Covert and Exposed Camera Systems

Visible cameras are an excellent deterrent but when you suspect improper activities are out of sight, covert and hidden cameras are useful alternatives for monitoring activity in the hidden corners of your plant, warehouse or office.

Full Menu of Services

  • Discreet, undercover operations, carefully and strategically planned
  • Transportation safety and security surveys
  • Cargo theft
  • Covert camera systems
  • Sting operations
  • Employee satisfaction or hostility surveys
  • Time clock fraud
  • Internal theft
  • Drug & criminal operations
  • Company policy compliance
  • Sexual harassment
  • Corporate espionage

Better decisions based on solid information and available evidence are possible.

Contact us to discuss and find out how to close your case.

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