Find Missing Persons for Personal, Medical or Financial Reasons

Whether you need to find a long lost relative, someone who ran out on a debt, or any other purpose, Case-Closed can help.


Our experienced research team uses a broad array of data sources depending on the availability of clues and where the search leads. Records of birth, death, marriage, divorce, bankruptcy, UCC filings and workers’ compensation may be enough to find the missing person. Case-Closed also has access to private data sources not usually available to consumers. Combined with our proprietary research method, we have a high success rate of finding people our clients are looking for.


In cases that require on-site interviews or surveillance, Case-Closed can provide services anywhere in the US by accomplished professionals.

Let the skilled Investigators at Case-Closed conclude your search quickly, with a high probability of success.

Find a Person People Search
  • Background Investigations

    • Drawing from vast data sources and proprietary methods to determine current locations.

  • Interviews

    • Interviews of former employers, neighbors, teachers and other associates.

  • Surveillance

    • The gold-standard of investigations.

Better decisions based on solid information and available evidence are possible.


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