When Charlotte’s WSOC TV wanted to find the truth about unlicensed, unscrupulous locksmiths they called Case-Closed Investigations.

Case-Closed works closely with the North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Board, performing undercover investigations to identify locksmiths who are not licensed. Unlicensed locksmiths are frequently associated with predatory fees, criminal activity, and of course, shoddy work.

The investigations have busted a number of illegal locksmiths and repeat offenders, providing the facts necessary to shut them down or impose penalties.

“Undercover investigations are an effective method of identifying wrongdoing, whether intentional or not,” said Leroy Everhart, president and founder of Case-Closed Investigations. “We have worked with many organizations similar to the Licensing Board to help document facts that could affect the safety of the public or the reputation of a person or business.”

Case-Closed Investigations works throughout North Carolina. To learn more about undercover investigations and how they could benefit you, visit www.case-closed.com or call (336) 777-1114.