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Is your spouse having an affair?

 It’s not easy to detect if your husband or wife is cheating on you, particularly when suspicion has spiked your anxiety and damaged the trust in your relationship. Most extramarital affairs go undetected or unproven, but there are usually signs of a problem… if you know where to look.

Case-Closed has identified five common clues based on decades of infidelity investigations. None of these signals are proof of an affair, but in combination, they can add credibility to your suspicions.

1. Sudden changes to schedule and routine. After years of 9-to-5 is your spouse now working late, working weekends, or going out of town on business? Are you noticing late night sessions of texting or typing on a phone or computer? Perhaps he or she quickly volunteers to run errands or other chores that can provide private time, separate from you or the kids. These are typically the easiest clues to identify.

A cheating spouse has to carve out time to spend with a new love interest and it often comes from time normally spent with you and your family.

2. Emotional distance. If your spouse seems distant, disengaged, mildly depressed at times but overly animated at others, there may be another romantic interest. Note when mood improvements occur: If they are most noticeable after coming home late from work, returning from a business trip, engaging in a specific activity, or visiting a certain associate or city, you have a likely signal of infidelity.

3. The big makeover. Has your husband or wife recently joined a gym, gone on a clothes shopping spree, changed a hair style or trimmed up a lumberjack beard? There could be a new person to impress.

The same is true for sudden changes or improvements in personal hygiene. Is your spouse showering at different times, often immediately after returning home? Any new perfume, cologne, mouthwash, or other personal products?

4. Increased stress and irritation. An extramarital affair is stressful. A cheating spouse has to be more places in the same 24-hour day, keeping track of multiple lies and cover stories. Who wouldn’t be stressed?

5. Guilt. A cheating spouse will often have trouble holding eye contact with you or fully engaging in conversation. Your mate’s unconscious fear is that you will see through the deception if you look closely. The flip side of the same guilt is unexpected gifts or uncharacteristic help with household chores. Of course, this is only true if these behaviors are a change from the norm.

Does it add up to an affair?


It’s important to remember that no single clue is a compelling sign of a cheater. Your spouse may exhibit some, all, or none of these signals, depending on their talent for deception.

If your suspicion is strong and it’s upsetting your life, the only solution is proof.

In our 30 years of infidelity and affair investigations, we have learned first-hand that home-made surveillance tactics,  spouse-to-spouse interrogation and confrontation seldom work. In fact, they usually lead to more lies and a heightened effort to conceal the truth.

When your marriage, family, and finances are on the line it pays to bring in the professional help of Case-Closed Investigations. Our operatives offer years of surveillance and research experience, plus the latest professional-grade tools to catch cheaters in the act. Case-Closed offers an affordable and discrete way to resolve suspicion and empower you to move forward.

Better decisions based on solid information and available evidence are possible.

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