Leroy W. Everhart, IFC, BAI, SAKU

Leroy’s remarkable investigative career has spanned over 40 years and has been based on a simple philosophy: If the truth is there, a hard working investigator can deliver it. In a profession where many come and go, Leroy’s longevity is evidence of his dedication to client service, valuable results and the pursuit of that truth.

First licensed in his home state of North Carolina, he has continuously served attorneys, small businesses, large corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies, and individuals both locally and worldwide. While Leroy’s client list is a who’s-who of the North Carolina businesses and legal community, he has also been appointed to perform investigations for Federal and State courts.

Leroy is a Charter Member and Past President of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators and currently serves as Vice President and Chair of the Ethics and By-Laws Committee. Additionally, he is an active member of the National Association of Legal Investigators, the Florida Association of Private Investigators,  the South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators, and Intellenet.  He is a Board Accredited Investigator and Insurance Fraud Certified.

Contact Leroy to share your concerns in a confidential consultation. It’s the first step to finding the truth.